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Polished concrete is considered a good sustainable design flooring option because it makes use of the materials already present.
Most modern buildings are built on a concrete slab; polishing the exposed concrete eliminates the energy and material consumed by
applying a floor covering. It is something to consider when building or modernizing towards a more green solution.

Polished concrete floors are low-maintenance, as they are more durable and easier to clean than many flooring options. Its relatively
high coefficient of friction can make it non-slippery. Polished concrete reduces dust mite and allergen problems, and does not support
mold growth. Evidence suggests highly reflective polished concrete reduces lighting needs and improves natural lighting.

Polished concrete flooring is hard wearing and will not chip or dent like softer surfaces. Mopping with warm soapy water once a week
is the only maintenance required. A concrete floor that has been hardened and polished will have an extremely long life expectancy
compared to other flooring.
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The concrete polishing benefits in more detail...

1.    Beauty.  Polished concrete floors are second to none in durability and appearance. Its smooth  and mirror-like sleek surface.
Polished concrete’s aesthetic value makes a viable option for its application in most facilities, whether commercial or residential.

Clarity. Increased ambient lighting which will naturally enhance the beauty of your floor and reduce the cost of lighting. One of
our facilities actually reported that they were able to turn off every third light in their facility, saving them over $1,500 in energy
costs a year!

 Stain Resistant. Transformation of porous concrete into a dense surface that inhibits water, oil and other contaminants from
penetrating the surface.  

Fast & easy to apply. Back to business in no time. Typical installations are less than half the time  of other flooring products.
Polished areas can be put into service immediately after the process is complete. Due to the cleanliness of the process and the lack
of toxic or hazardous chemicals, we have helped food manufacturing corporations, pharmaceutical manufacturers and other
medical supply corporations meet the strict condition standards that their floors require. In many cases we install the polished
concrete floor system while the plant is in full production. We have even applied this floor system in hospitals with patients, family
and hospital staff walking on the floors, without interruption to their daily routine and activity.

Better than new. perfect for old, deteriorating and weak concrete finishes. There are dozens of ways for concrete floors to
breakdown as they age; some of the reasons are: rain damage, surface stress, delamination, improper curing, curled cold joints,
joint shoulder failure...the list goes on and on. The concrete polishing process actually removes the top part of the surface of the
old concrete floor (including any patchy, partial, or whole coatings) and hardens the exposed surface beneath.  Old, deteriorating,
or weak concrete is strengthened, and its impact and abrasion resistance is increased.

Decorative. With unlimited color choices you have a floor canvas at your feet. We can permanently draw any designs like
brands, logos, directional marks to keep your work-space area well organized to make a smooth work flow in your business

Slip Resistant. Higher levels of co-efficient of friction than any coating on the market. Wet or dry, our polished concrete floor
surfaces meet, and most often exceed, OSHA and ADA standards for slip resistance. Kept clean and clear of debris, polished
concrete floors tend to be less slippery than waxed surfaces.

Scratch resistant.  Elimination of tire marks from fork trucks, vehicles and industrial type hoppers and parts baskets.  When a
forklift burns out on a coated floor, the friction caused between its tire and the surface leaves a mark. This doesn't occur on a
polished concrete floor as there are no resins to burn on the surface.

Decrease wear & tear. In heavy industrial facilities, rough and uneven surfaces cause tires to wear out rather quickly. Most
concrete floors have small "curling" joints, from where the concrete bows upward on the edges during concrete curing.  Concrete
polishing these areas will level the joints and make the entire surface smooth, making fork truck tires last much longer.

Cost-Effective.  Polished concrete is one of the most economical, cost effective flooring alternatives out there. The reduced
costs associated with saved energy, reduced tire wear, maintenance reduction, and especially the long-lasting durability shows that
polished concrete is a budget sensible, as well as beautiful, flooring system.

Virtually maintenance free & easy to clean. Decrease in floor maintenance and less drag on cleaning equipment; making
brushes, pads and mops last longer.  Most floor systems, even ordinary concrete floors, require aggressive scrubbing in order to
maintain a clean environment and nice appearance. Oil, paint, and other staining spills can leave lasting impressions on most
surfaces.  A concrete polished floor doesn't require this intense scrubbing -- the surface is so tightly compacted that it actually
repels oils and other substances. This makes cleaning much easier and a maintenance schedule less demanding than with other

Sustainable. Unsurpassed durability compared to other flooring products Polished concrete is intrinsically green because it
dematerializes a project, reducing the need to bring in additional coverings or coatings that end up in land-fills upon their eventual
replacement. Perfect concrete polishing not only upholds aesthetically pleasing design but also aligns with the LEED rating system.

Elimination of dusting from efflorescence. In ordinary unpolished concrete, tiny particles of dust are pushed to the surface
through an upward force. This is more commonly known as concrete dusting. Dusting forces epoxies off of the surface of concrete
floors, and can make maintenance a costly priority.

 Burden-free.  No more need to move furniture or heavy machinery. With a polished concrete floor system there is no need to
wax or strip the floor. All of your allocated maintenance labor and material costs for stripping and waxing can now be eliminated and
added to your bottom line.

 It is the Longest-Lasting Floor Solution Available. There is simply no comparison to other floor systems when it comes to
the life of a polished concrete floor. Even the most durable carpet, linolium or VCT floors will require replacement at some time,
whether it is ten or even twenty years later. Polished concrete floors will be there as long as the slab exists, whether that be forty,
fifty, or one hundred years later. With proper maintenance and an occassional repolish, polished concrete floors provide savings
short and long term.
Don't replace... Restore!
The grinding tools are usually
progressive grits of diamond grinding
cup wheels and polishing pads.
Typically, concrete is not considered
polished before 400 grit, and it is
normally finished to either the 800,
1500, or 3000 grit level. Stains and
dyes are often applied to enhance
the look of polished concrete.

Polished concrete flooring is hard
wearing and will not chip or dent like
softer surfaces. Mopping with warm
soapy water once a week is the only
maintenance required. A concrete
floor that has been hardened and
polished will have an extremely long
life expectancy compared to other