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Terrazzo Honing & Terrazzo Floor
Terrazzo can be polished using a natural
polishing process that eliminates the need to
strip off the old wax finishes and can actually
reduce the maintenance cost. When terrazzo is
finished naturally you can achieve a gloss or
matte finish. WMP can restore, re-polish and
repair your terrazzo floors, walls or counters.
Using the proper cleaners and care products
will keep your terrazzo looking like new with
minimum maintenance.
Marble Honing & Marble Floor Polishing
If you have a marble floor, wall, countertop vanity or shower that has become etched, has lost its shine and
beauty or is in need of repair, then it is probably time to call a professional WMP contractor. WMP serves
MD-DC-VA areas and can repair, refinish, protect and restore your marble, limestone, travertine, saturnia or
other natural stone back to its original condition. If you have marble with a matte / honed finish, it, too needs
proper care and maintenance. A marble with a matte / honed finish should be periodically cleaned and
re-sealed by a professional. At WMP we not only perform these services, we can instruct you on the proper
care you should use in cleaning your marble. We offer a full line of Care Products to assure you are using
the proper cleaning product that will give your marble the beauty you are looking for.
Limestone Floor Honing & Limestone Floor Polishing
Limestone is a beautiful stone that comes in many hardnesses. Some limestones are soft and very porous
while others can be hard. The key to limestone is choosing the correct stone for the environment in which it
will be used. Many limestones come in a honed (matte) finish. These stones need to be properly sealed and
from time to time will need professional service. Limestone will scratch and etch, but these problems can be
resolved by WMP
Slate Floor Stripping, Cleaning and Sealing
Slate is natural stone that from time to time
needs professional cleaning and sealing. Slate
also comes in several different textures. There
is a smooth slate and a cleft finish which is a
rough finish. Slate is a porous stone and needs
to be properly cleaned and sealed after
At Washington Marble Polishing we take the time to care for your stone and tile the proper way. Our
staff is thorough, expert, and reliable. We get each job done with great care and detail, each and every
time. We look forward to making your acquaintance, and to having the opportunity to serve you.
Granite Floor and Countertop Surface
Cleaning & Sealing
Granite Restoration Requires Specialized Skills
While granite is much harder than marble, if and
when granite needs restoration you need to call a
professional that has the specialized knowledge
to work on your granite. Many stone restoration
contractors won’t touch it. WMP is qualified to
restore your granite. Whether it needs to be
diamond honed, re-polished, or cleaned and
sealed, our professional technicians can perform
these services for you.
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Travertine Floor Honing & Travertine Floor
Travertine comes in a honed (matte finish) and a
polished finish. These finishes need to be cared
for and will from time to time need honing to
remove scratches and etching or it will need to be
re-polished and sealed. WMP offers services that
will keep your travertine looking like new. We can
clean, hone or polish and seal your travertine. If
you desire we can custom finish your travertine to
the finish of your choice. From time to time holes
will become exposed in the filled travertine and we
can repair these holes and make your travertine
look new again
Natural Stone Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration